Our environmental policy and citizen participation

At Les Carrières Saint-Dominique ltée., our environmental policy reflects our desire to listen to the needs and concerns of the community in Montérégie.

Listening to needs

Our environmental policy

By regularly evaluating our processes and methods as well as implementing concrete objectives, we aim for the continuous improvement of our practices with a view to reducing their impact. In addition to these commitments, we remain concerned about providing our staff with a healthy and safe work environment, conducive to the achievement of our vision.

Transparency and communication

In 2009, in a desire to harmonize with nearby residential uses, the company proposed to the citizens of Saint-Dominique the establishment of a Dialogue-Citizens committee. This committee, formed following a public information meeting held on April 28, 2009, includes a dozen citizens, a company representative, a municipality representative and an external consultant.

The primary objective of this committee was to create a communication tool through which citizens could communicate their expectations in terms of quality of life in connection with the company's activities. The company's concern for transparency has also enabled citizens to better understand the challenges and environmental issues with which the company must deal.

Through this committee, citizens actively took part in the development of solutions with a view to achieving harmonization between the company's activities and residential uses. The implementation of these was carried out as part of the continuous improvement process.

The Dialogue-Citizens committee is formed on an open and voluntary basis and is active during the annual period of operations, from April to October.

In the heart of the community of St-Dominique

Our community involvement

Here are some examples of our community involvement in the region.

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Creation of the Citizens' Park

Crete Wooded Committee

Affiliation with Centraide

Annual guided tour of the quarry

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Our community actions

Creation of the citizens' park

A Simple Goal

In health and safety, 0 workplace accidents

The OHS committee, made up of members of management as well as employees from the various divisions,

meets once a month to discuss the follow-up to be done regarding certain situations

and make suggestions for prevention.

An example to follow in

The employees sitting on the OHS committee become, in a way, the spokespersons for their colleagues. They are constantly listening to them and collecting ideas to improve safety throughout their division and, by extension, throughout the company.

In order to monitor the achievement of our objectives, we acquired a digital display that indicates the number of days without work accidents. The purpose of this device is to motivate the employee to work safely and to encourage him to submit his ideas or recommendations on health and safety at work.

Reduce risk

In terms of health and safety, training and information are essential communication tools. At the beginning of each year, training is given to employees. Likewise, we actively participate in the Colloques-CSST. Finally, we also call on the CSST Youth Squad, which provides training to employees aged 25 and under. A monthly meeting on prevention in the workplace is also organized.

For Les Carrières de Saint-Dominique ltée, health and safety are a business philosophy to be taken seriously and without half measures! It is for this reason that in terms of health and safety, our efforts are multiple and constant.

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Crete Wooded Committee

A Saint-Dominique cross-country ski trail:

free access!

The Crête de Saint-Dominique corresponds to a rocky and wooded ridge that cuts through the agricultural plain south of Saint-Hyacinthe.

Born from the initiative of a group of volunteer citizens, there is a network of cross-country ski trails comprising four trails over a 6 km course. Trails are double-tracked and open depending on conditions.

Built on the property of Les Carrières de Saint-Dominique Ltée, the company is proud to support this local initiative, including:

Carrieres St-Dominique

Land loan

Carrieres St-Dominique

Loan of premises

for holding meetings

Carrieres St-Dominique

Stone supply

for trail maintenance

Carrieres St-Dominique

Equipment supply

Carrieres St-Dominique

Winter parking lot snow removal

Access is via rue du Golf, on the north side of the village, away from Route 137. A sign clearly indicates the location.

Access is free, but we are invited to make a voluntary contribution. La Crête Saint-Dominique, real fun for the whole family!