Our products

85 years of experience, a highly qualified quality control department and an extensive network of external consultants allow us to showcase our products and services.

Quality products

Les Carrières de Saint-Dominique
produce the following building materials:

Crushed stone

Les Carrières de Saint-Dominique ltée offers a wide range of products to meet all the needs of its customers.


Our plants in Montérégie and Estrie produce quality concrete adjusted by our qualified personnel who are concerned about the quality of the product.


Our varieties of calcic, magnesian or dolomitic lime make it possible to obtain a soil that is more favorable to cultivation.

Rolled Compacted Concrete (RCC)

The BCR is produced and prepared directly on site to ensure the quality of the equipment installed.


We offer a wide range of abrasives and de-icing salts that can meet all the needs of our customers.

Recycled materials

Carrières de Saint-Dominique ltée can collect the following materials: Asphalt, concrete without reinforcement, concrete with reinforcement.