RCC, a sustainable investment

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Supplier
in Quebec

RCC is a dry, non-slump concrete mix. It is produced and prepared directly on site to ensure the quality of the equipment installed. The application of RCC is carried out using high-performance pavers that provide a uniform surface adapted to customer needs. The work can be carried out quickly in order to allow the resumption of the company’s activities. The advantages of the product make it the choice par excellence for customers who want to make their investment profitable and enjoy their work for a long time.




Environment (LEED)







The stabilization process consists of the production of a technical material by incorporating a binder into the available granular materials. Depending on the needs, it is possible to produce the stabilized materials with Pugmill mixing plants or using pulverizers (road recyclers). For example, it is possible to reuse an existing pavement by pulverizing the coating and the foundation in place before incorporating the cement. Also, a reserve material can be mixed in the factory with the cement. The stabilized base produced can then be reshaped and compacted in order to create a resistant and frost-resistant upper foundation on which the new coating will be applied. These materials usually offer the best cost/performance ratio.

Soil treatment

The Solidification/Stabilization (S/S) process is essentially the incorporation of cement into contaminated soils in order to immobilize the contaminants. Once solidified, this matrix limits the risks of contamination of the environment by the treated materials (leaching). In addition to the environmental benefits, S/S greatly improves the physical properties of materials. These treated and recovered resources can therefore be used as backfill materials in the foundations. Significant savings are then achieved by minimizing disposal costs and reducing the costs related to the purchase of backfill materials.

We offer soil treatment services in Pugmill mixing plants and using pulverizers (road recyclers) according to the needs of our customers.

Turnkey project

Les Carrières de St-Dominique Ltée has the expertise and the network of resources necessary to carry out your projects. It is possible to support our customers from the initial phase in order to analyze their needs and guide them towards appropriate and optimal solutions. The variety of services offered by our team will allow you to evaluate and choose from different options.